Ramona M.
Scientist -

I made an appointment for the personal training because I didn't see any progress by going to the gym alone anymore. The intake meeting was very detailed and Nick really listened to what I wanted to achieve and what my current problems were. Finally he also helped me make a plan and we started the personal training.

I feel like I achieved everything that I wanted to change. What helped me the most was the motivation from all the trainers in moments were I didn't see progress yet. The trainers were always helpful and have a lot of expertise.
The atmosphere and all the members are really nice and it is always fun to go to the training. I can completely recommend joining the training at 'make a move', especially if one has specific goals to achieve.

The best investment ever!
Orkun Ozcan
Corporate Banker - ABN Amro Bank

I am not the biggest fan of this sort of reviews but having experienced "Make a Move" and in particular their personal sessions I thought to write down a couple of things.

"Make a Move" doesn't qualify as a "standard" gym compared to many other gyms I have seen and experienced so far: It's certainly not an ordinary gym. There is no such thing as showing off at "Make a Move". There is an atmosphere of "easiness" and a "very laid-back environment".

Nick and his team are extremely professional, nice and welcoming. They are all motivational and inspirational. On top of that - they are very knowledgeable about exercises, movements and the human body (it's incredible what they know about your body). This is the extra mile. Workouts are always hard, challenging, a lot of fun, and leaves you feeling 10 times better than when you got there. Not unimportant: It's a very clean place.

Keep up the good-work guys! Orkun

I am the one who is "central"
Heidi Tobé
- Glencore Agriculture BV

Following a number of years attending the workouts and personal trainings at Make a Move, I thought to take this initiative and share a few words. It all starts with a very professional (and very clean) studio and trainers, without expensive cardio-equipment which you normally see in a gym to impress people in my view: This means that it is all about you and or your personal goals. This has been an important starting point of attending the personal sessions in a very friendly environment.

I would like to describe the sessions as follows: tailor-made, intensive, motivated, original and professional in combination with fun and above all I am the one who is "central". It is actually surprising what they all know about your body and which exercises are important to perform: Exercises which eventually you easily may perform at home.

All in all: I have been enjoying each and every week and it is certainly the best investment in terms of workouts, but also a moment to put your thoughts aside and focus on something else. As I am writing, I am getting ready for my personal training this evening!

Much thanks Make a Move

Verantwoord sporten in een fijne omgeving
Nick Snoek
Marketing Analyst - aNewSpring

Ik kijk met veel plezier terug op mijn small group training bij Make a Move. De combinatie van goede persoonlijke begeleiding en een leuke sfeer, vormen een fijne combinatie die ik nog nergens anders heb ervaren. Zo heeft de small group training ervoor gezorgd dat ik sterker en fitter geworden ben. Daarnaast is het erg prettig om te sporten op een plaats waar techniek en verantwoord sporten erg hoog in het vaandel staan. Al met al is Make a Move dus zeker een aanrader voor iedereen die serieus en verantwoord wil sporten in een fijne omgeving.

Snel en goed resultaat
Else Huijsman-Bijl
Arts-onderzoeker -

Ruim 6,5 jaar heb ik rondgelopen met een blessure aan m’n schouder. Al tweemaal eerder was ik bij een fysiotherapeut geweest zonder resultaat. M’n moeder wees me op Make a Move en na hun website bekeken te hebben wilde ik het nog één keer proberen. Met name omdat ik heel erg geloof in de manier waarop ze bij Make a Move behandelen.

Na één telefoontje kon ik al snel bij Sam terecht. Er werd een rits aan vragen gesteld en hij onderzocht m’n schouder zorgvuldig. Sam’s verwachting was dat hij mij van m’n klacht af kon helpen. Ik durfde niet al te hoge verwachtingen te hebben aangezien ik er al zo lang meeliep. Maar Sam heeft helemaal gelijk gekregen. Hij zette mij aan het werk met oefeningen die ik thuis kon doen en één keer in de paar weken mocht ik langs komen bij Make a Move voor een half uur trainen. Met al snel een goed resultaat. Ik ben 100% van m’n schouderpijn af en ik kan eindelijk weer wedstrijdzwemmen.

Sam is een kundige en enthousiaste fysiotherapeut. Hij kan ook goed luisteren, geeft heldere uitleg en is niet tevreden voordat het maximale resultaat bereikt is. Ook helemaal top dat jullie m’n moeder, die altijd een hekel heeft gehad aan sporten, aan het sporten hebben gekregen!

For athletes
Esther O’Callaghan
OBE Endurance Coach, Triathlete and Tech Founder -

Just over 12 months ago I came to Make A Move unable to run and with a lot of structural issues including hyper mobility, herniated discs in my lower back and resulting loss of feeling in my left leg. I wasn’t sure if I would be able to continue with triathlon at that point.

The Make A Move team have worked with me providing consistent expertise, knowledge, support and encouragement. The combination of PT and physio working together is excellent - including remote support and adapting the plan to ensure it is optimal for my recovery.

I am now back in full IRONMAN training and highly recommend Make A Move to friends, colleagues and my athletes.