Make a Move personal training, physiotherapy and small group training

You being on our website means you made the decision to start or continue improving yourself. Our mission (and passion) is to help you grow into a better version of yourself, both body and mind. Learn about our “blended” offerings: get in touch via e-mail or phone call. Or just walk by during our opening hours.

Make a Move is ‘the’ alternative in Rotterdam for people who are tired of traditional gyms or physiotherapy. We stand for custom-made programs with long lasting results, knowledge and a pleasant environment.

It’s all about you
Our team of physiotherapists and personal trainers is doing everything to have only satisfied customers and patients. We work on a personal level, maintain a high fun factor and share our vision on health and vitality with great enthusiasm. It’s our aim to make you a loyal, satisfied and vital customer.

Flexible to your goal
There is a suitable solution for everyone. You can work out 1 on 1, join small group classes, and make an appointment with a physiotherapist, who also works as a personal trainer. All our team members have their own specializations.

Functional training
All our programs, including physiotherapy, are based on “Functional Training”.
Your own body is the main training material to improve basic skills such as coordination, agility, endurance, strength and speed. We aim for an optimal working body, therefore we do not use any machines. A body that works well is a body that makes you feel good.

Make a Move is part of the “Functional Training Network”, all working with the same principles, so you can be sure that you are training with the latest, most effective and most fun exercise programs.

Top facilities in our studio
Our new studio, Houtlaan 20a in the Scheepvaartkwartier, provides everything to make you feel welcome and encouraged. In addition to five well-equipped training rooms and two treatment rooms, we have 4 dressing rooms with a shower. In our cosy living room you can relax with a good cup of coffee or tea.

For more information or to make a free appointment please contact us.

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