Physiotherapy at Make a Move means an active approach with information, education and exercise being the most important aspects. During our screening we will look at your patterns of movement. With exercises we try to restore your weakest links and bring your body back into balance. We take it a step further than most physiotherapists. Not only do we try to resolve the complaints, but we also try to restore full participation in daily life and sports. Once the treatment is completed we don’t expect to see you back for the same complaint.

Remain without pain
After your successful treatment, you are more than welcome to continue working out with a personal trainer or join small group classes. Due to daily briefing between personal trainers and physiotherapists you can safely continue working out.

Skilled and customer-oriented
Contact us for all musculoskeletal disorders such as back pain, knee pain, shoulder pain or sports injuries. For conditions such as obesity, diabetes or high blood pressure our treatments are also highly effective. We don’t have a waiting list and can help you the same week.

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Make a Move is BIG and CKR registered and associated with the KNGF. We don’t maintain contracts with health insurances, but in most cases the treatments are reimbursed. You pay the invoice and you reimburse with your insurer. Check your insurer if you’re not sure.

Our prices:
Screening and intake: €71,00
Treatment: €40,00