In all our “small group training” classes you can train in a functional way, in groups with no more than eight participants. Because of the small seize of our classes, it is possible to receive individual feedback and work on personal goals while the group dynamic provides an extra incentive. We offer different classes at different times. With growing interest we will increase the number of classes.

See our weekly schedule below describing all the different classes. Join us for a free trial week. This way you can experience the atmosphere and decide whether it fits your needs. Please send an e-mail to

Our current customers use the Make a Move Virtuagym portal to sign up or cancel for a particular class.

If you prefer small group training with your colleagues we can provide corporate fitness at our studio or ‘in company’. For further information call or mail us, so we can present the possibilities and make you a suitable offer.

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Our schedule:

Getting actively through your pregnancy. The “Pregnacise” class is designed by Make a Move to keep you fit during your pregnancy and to support your recovery after childbirth. The exercises are all ‘functional’, without the use of any device and suitable for all levels of pregnancy.

Urban Jogging
A workout suitable for the beginning athlete. Move outdoors and use all the city of Rotterdam has to offer. After this class, you will see benches, stairs, tree stumps and lawns as you have never seen them before. In a fun and adventurous way you work on your own level of fitness, coordination and strength.

Forever Fit
You want to feel good, both physically and mentally. This class is also suitable for the beginning athlete. Learn how to move well and carry out your daily activities in the proper way. This circuit training is fun, effective and a valuable experience.

Core Control
Gain awareness of your own body. Core Control is ideal for improving your posture and strengthening your abdomen and lower back, the center of power. Movements from Pilates and Yoga are integrated into the functional exercises. This makes your body strong and flexible at the same time. You will improve your posture and reduce the risk of injuries in daily life.

Functional Fit
Are you fit for daily life? Functional Fit is a circuit training, challenging you to use all the physical elements of your body. It is suitable for all levels. Those who are fit, get more out of life.

Exercising outdoors combining functional training techniques with martial sword arts. Strength, mental focus and body control are the key words in this workout.

Hit Fit
High-intensity boxing and kicking workout around a punching bag. Partnering, coordinating and fun drive this challenging training. There is no physical contact between people in this workout.

Urban Fitness
Working out in the open air and making use of all the city of Rotterdam has to offer. Parks, playgrounds, stairs, tunnels and bridges are defied on strength and endurance. Jumping and sprinting are an important ingredient for this fun and crazy outdoor activity Urban Fitness / Boot Camp.

Cross Fitness
The ultimate challenge for the advanced athlete! Exercises and techniques originally from weightlifting, athletics and gymnastics are combined with kettlebells, boxing and rope climbing. Cross Fitness challenges you to look at your physical limits. Make a Move and challenge yourself.