Personal training is personal, focused only on you. Together with your personal trainer you will create a plan of action and set achievable goals.

Efficient = functional
Exercises are efficient, they are fun and the targets are met. Make a Move uses “functional training”, your own body is the main training tool. Basic skills such as coordination, agility, endurance, strength and speed are combined with functional exercises.

A body that works well is a body that makes you feel good. We aim for an optimal working body, therefore we do not use any machines and we believe that exercise should be fun. Functional training is challenging and suitable for any level of movement. It is a 100% safe, adds to your daily performance and motivates you to keep on moving.

Working on muscle tone, endurance, health and energy
Possible goals are strengthening your muscles and improving your endurance in order to increase your level of fitness to become more energetic in life. If another goal is losing weight, our trainers can help you to adjust and accept a different lifestyle for permanent results.

Working out in the studio, outdoors or at home
Your training sessions can take place in the studio of Make a Move or outdoors, in the vicinity of “The Scheepvaartkwartier”, an old historical part of Rotterdam with the Euromast and its surrounding park. It offers many beautiful and challenging training possibilities.

If you prefer another location, e.g. at home or at the office, we can make arrangements that will suit you.

Personal training is tailor-made and offered in packages, the number of sessions depending on your goals. We want you to reach your physical goals, therefore we will be your conscience, your reminder and your support for you to be successful. Let’s go for it!

Please give us a call or drop in to get an impression what Make a Move is all about. The “intake” is free and without any obligation.