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Ramona M.
Scientist -

I made an appointment for the personal training because I didn't see any progress by going to the gym alone anymore. The intake meeting was very detailed and Nick really listened to what I wanted to achieve and what my current problems were. Finally he also helped me make a plan and we started the personal training.

I feel like I achieved everything that I wanted to change. What helped me the most was the motivation from all the trainers in moments were I didn't see progress yet. The trainers were always helpful and have a lot of expertise.
The atmosphere and all the members are really nice and it is always fun to go to the training. I can completely recommend joining the training at 'make a move', especially if one has specific goals to achieve.

The best investment ever!
Orkun Ozcan
Corporate Banker - ABN Amro Bank

I am not the biggest fan of this sort of reviews but having experienced "Make a Move" and in particular their personal sessions I thought to write down a couple of things.

"Make a Move" doesn't qualify as a "standard" gym compared to many other gyms I have seen and experienced so far: It's certainly not an ordinary gym. There is no such thing as showing off at "Make a Move". There is an atmosphere of "easiness" and a "very laid-back environment".

Nick and his team are extremely professional, nice and welcoming. They are all motivational and inspirational. On top of that - they are very knowledgeable about exercises, movements and the human body (it's incredible what they know about your body). This is the extra mile. Workouts are always hard, challenging, a lot of fun, and leaves you feeling 10 times better than when you got there. Not unimportant: It's a very clean place.

Keep up the good-work guys! Orkun

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