Small Group Training

Indoor, outdoor or online: always personal, yet collective.

Samen maar toch persoonlijk

Discover the power of training together in our small group sessions at Make a Move. These group classes offer a unique opportunity to train functionally in an intimate setting with a maximum of eight participants. With a small group size, there's ample room for individual feedback, ensuring your personal goals are prioritized. Additionally, group dynamics provide an extra boost of motivation and enjoyment.


With a wide range of classes offered at various times, there's always a session that suits you. Our offerings evolve based on participant feedback, ensuring we meet your needs. For just €71 per month, you can participate in our small group sessions. Want to experience the atmosphere and see if it's right for you? €73,- per maand kun je deelnemen aan onze small group trainingen. Wil je de sfeer eens proeven en kijken of het iets voor jou is?


Zie ons rooster voor de verschillende lessen en tijden en meld je aan voor een gratis proefperiode waarin je 3 verschillende lessen kunt proberen


Voor ondernemingen bieden we speciale in-company sessies aan, ideaal voor teambuilding met je collega’s. Samen bewegen, leren en groeien bij Make a Move. Informeer naar de mogelijkheden bel of mail ons dan. We maken graag een passend aanbod.

Urban Jogging

Exercising outdoors and making use of everything the city of Rotterdam has to offer. In a fun and adventurous way, you work on improving your overall fitness, coordination, and strength.

Forever Fit

Become and stay vital, and feel mentally well. Learn how to move, because moving is good but moving well is better. Enjoy a fun, educational, and effective circuit training for beginners in sports.

Core Control

Become more aware of your own body. Strengthen your abdomen and back. Become strong and flexible, improve your posture, and reduce the risk of injuries in daily life.

Core Basics

The foundation that teaches you to move well with correct posture, optimal breathing, and sufficient relaxation. Exercises for the abdominal and back muscles alternating with exercises for the legs and glutes.

Functional Fit

Are you fit for daily life? A challenging circuit training suitable for every fitness level. Being fit enhances your life!


Outdoor sports combining functional training with the basic techniques of sword fighting (no running).

Hit Fit

An explosive and intense boxing and kicking training. Channel your energy on a punching bag without physical contact. A class focused on teamwork and motivation.


A fantastic workout to groovy disco music. Moving doesn't get more fun than this. A class centered around fun, rhythm, and choreography.

Urban Fitness

Exercising outdoors and making use of everything the city of Rotterdam has to offer. Parks, stairs, playgrounds, tunnels, and bridges are conquered for strength and fitness, interspersed with jumping and sprinting.

Cross Fitness

The ultimate challenge for the advanced athlete! Exercises and techniques from weightlifting, athletics, and gymnastics. Push yourself to the limit, exploring your physical boundaries.

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