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At Make a Move, we focus on an active approach to physiotherapy, placing emphasis on education and awareness of your movement patterns. Your journey with us begins with a thorough analysis of how you move. This allows us to identify the root cause of your issues and develop a personalized recovery plan aimed at balancing the strengths and weaknesses in your body.


With specialists available for every condition, we efficiently assist a wide range of patients without a waiting list. Each week, specialists are dedicated to addressing complaints such as back, knee, shoulder issues, or other sports injuries, providing tailored advice to guide you towards the right recovery path. Additionally, we support patients with various conditions such as obesity, diabetes, or high blood pressure with personalized movement plans, helping them achieve their important personal goals at their own pace.  


Furthermore, we offer preventive physiotherapy for runners to ensure common running injuries become a thing of the past, enhancing long-term running performance. 


Lastly, we provide comprehensive programs for pregnant women, promoting safe and responsible exercise, followed by group classes or personal guidance post-recovery.


By prioritizing your health together, we ensure an expert and active approach that not only facilitates recovery but also equips you with tools to stay active and healthy in your daily life. Together, we strive for your optimal health.


We're here to help beyond just making your body pain-free. Our focus isn't on temporarily alleviating your symptoms but on your full return to daily life and sports, ensuring a lifelong ability to move pain-free. Together, we aim for sustainable recovery so that after a successful treatment, you won't need to return for the same issue. We strive to keep you independently active, supported by a tailored program incorporating the latest insights and techniques.Following a treatment plan, you can seamlessly continue training with one of our trainers or participate in our small group classes. Our personal trainers and physiotherapists collaborate daily, with physiotherapists also serving as personal trainers, making it effortless for you to work towards your personal goals.  


Make a Move is registered with BIG and CKR and is affiliated with KNGF. We operate without contracts with insurers, but treatments are typically partially reimbursed. You can find details on conditions and reimbursements in your insurance policy.


Our Prices

Treatment: €41,00 (30 minutes)

Screening, intake en onderzoek: €72,00 (60 minuten)

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