Feeling good in your head...

…begint voor een groot deel in je buik!

As you may have heard before, our intestines are our second brain. But did you know that our intestines actually contain brain cells and that the state of our intestines greatly influences how we feel mentally?

The substance serotonin - which affects memory, mood, confidence, sleep, emotion, orgasm, and appetite - is produced 95% by the brain in our intestines and the remaining 5% by the brain in our head.

Foods that you can eat to feel better mentally include:
Walnuts (see photo) as well as other nutsĀ šŸ˜‰) maar ook andere notenĀ šŸ„œ
Leafy greensĀ šŸ„¬
BananasĀ šŸŒ
ChickpeasĀ šŸø
Whole grain rice or grain productsĀ šŸž
(Dark) chocolateĀ šŸ«

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